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Dry Eye Therapy

You Don’t Have to Live With Dry Eye

Dry eye is a very common condition; so common, in fact, that many people don’t even realise it is a condition. Lots of patients think having dry eyes is just part of life and carry on in discomfort. You don’t have to do this. Dry eye is an actual medical condition with a number of effective treatments.

Want to get rid of dry eye? Book an appointment with us. We’ll test your tear production and osmolarity; determining the best way treat your eyes and restore comfort to them.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Chronic dry eyes can occur as the result of two different things:

Your eyes need tears to function properly. Tears are responsible for moisturising, lubricating, and cleaning the eye. When the body doesn’t make enough tears, the eyes start to dry out and cause discomfort.

Tears are largely made of a solution of water and oils. The oils create a tear film which keeps the tears from evaporating too quickly. If the glands that secrete these oils become blocked or don’t function properly, the tears evaporate too quickly; leaving the patient in discomfort.

The following factors could increase your risk of experiencing dry eye:

  • Certain medications
  • Age (particularly age over 50)
  • Hormonal changes
  • Smoky environments
  • Allergies
  • Rosacea
  • Blepharitis

Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye symptoms go much deeper than just dry, irritated, and burning eyes. Some patients actually experience periods of excessive tears or stringy discharge. Eyes can sometimes become red and sensitive to light. It’s not uncommon for patients to report the sensation of having something stuck in their eye.

The I-PEN® Tear Osmolarity System

This small device detects and indirectly measures the quality and amount of natural tears for a quick and easy diagnosis of mild, moderate, and severe dry eye disease. Get reproducible, accurate, and reliable results in less than 5 seconds per eye with single-use sensors. This cutting edge ocular technology gives Shaughnessy Optometry a diagnostic advantage for successful dry eye management and treatment.

Treating Dry Eye

We carry a number of dry eye treatments to relieve your symptoms and help you enjoy clear, comfortable vision. Book an appointment with us. We’ll run some tests, pinpoint the exact reason for your particular case of dry eye, and prescribe the best treatment for you.


Blepharitis is an inflammatory condition affecting the eyelids. When this inflammation affects the meibomian glands, it prevents them from secreting the oils your tears need to work effectively, causing dry eye. BlephEx is an in-office eyelid cleaning system designed to treat blepharitis, and by extension, dry eye.

BlephEx treatments are quite simple. The small handheld device features a small spinning micro sponge. We’ll gently apply the micro sponge to your eyelid, cleansing and sloughing away dead skin cells and other debris. BlephEx treatments work best as a regular part of your eye health routine. Ask us if BlephEx treatments are right for you.

Read more about blepharitis and BlephEx.

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