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We welcome you as a patient and thank you for selecting our optometry office for your eye care and eyewear needs. Dr. Sexsmith and her staff are dedicated to providing you with efficient, caring and personalized care. Our professional, modern office is conveniently located in Shaughnessy, Vancouver. Book an appointment today and discover why we are the most trusted optometrists in Vancouver, BC today.

Discover Our Wide Selection of Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

We offer a full-range of vision care services including eye exams of both children and adults, the fitting of all types of contact lenses, and the dispensing of eyeglasses. Dr. Sexsmith’s training has emphasized the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease as well as complex contact lens fittings and laser surgery co-management.

  • Eye health and vision exams
  • Lasik and laser eye surgery
  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance people’s lives by helping them to see their best and look their best. We use the latest technology and diagnostic equipment to provide high quality vision care and eyewear.

We have digital imaging and image analysis of the retina (back layer of the eye). We also have specialized instruments for detection of glaucoma and other diseases. We have an on-site lens edger (cuts lenses to frames) to decrease the time required to make new glasses.

We have created a welcoming, friendly environment that is informative and caring. We are committed to improving the vision and eye health of our patients.

Shaughnessy Optometry: Most Trusted Optometrists in Vancouver, BC

New Patients Welcome!

New patients are always welcome at our Shaughnessy Vancouver eye clinic!
To book an appointment please call (604) 677-4100 or book through our appointment form.

Optometry Videos

Dr. Sexsmith Discusses Eyeglass Fashion

Eye Examinations for Vision & Health

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